Vuela Otra Vez

by Cantoamérica

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Cantoamérica´s latest album with new material collects the musical experiences of the band during the last 6 years. Experiencing with African music and a new approach to Costa Rican Afro Caribbean music.
This album was partially financed by a hundred friends that were so kind to give money to support the recording. Their names will be printed in the physical version soon to be published.


released May 30, 2015

Alonso Torres: Teclados
Andrés Cordero: Bajo, Marimbula y voces
Felipe Fournier: Timbales
Rafa Vargas: Batería
David Vargas: Timbales
Momo Valverde: Congas
Marco Naranjo: Bongó, Cajón y percusión menor
Abi Huertas: Flauta Traversa y voces
Marisel Torres: Trombón y voces
Roberto Garrigues: Trombón
Alfredo Chavarría: Trombón
Manuel Monestel: Guitarra, Banjo, Ukelele y Voz
Eleuthere Gabin Assouramou: Talking Drum and Yembe

Dirección Artística: Manuel Monestel
Dirección Musical: Alonso Torres

Alonso Torres 3-4 y 11
Walter Flores 2 y 6
Manuel Monestel 1-5-7-9 y 10
Colectivo Cantoamérica: 8

Max Urso
Eri Román
Chema Bolaños
Mezcla y masterización: Eri Román Estudio SoloHits
Diseño de portadas: Estudio La Cabeza



all rights reserved


Manuel Monestel San José, Costa Rica

In 1974 he founded his first group, Erome dedicated to Latin American music, in 1978he joined Tayacán, led by Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy.
Co-founder of the New Song movement in Costa Rica.
In 1980 he founded the Cantoamérica that has recorded 13 albums and traveled the world for over 30 years.
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Track Name: Wata
Manuel Monestel

Down by the river I will go
Gimme some wata I tell you so
Don´t let the river die Oh Lord
Good wata gimme all I got
Gimme some wata young gal, gimme some wata
Sabada, sabada sabada da, sabada dada…
Track Name: Vuela otra vez
Vuela otra vez
Manuel Monestel

Vuela otra vez mariposa vuela otra vez
Mira las flores y el viento que están a tus pies

La muchacha se casó con su novio de siempre
Por tres años aprendió a servirle obediente
Como una madre fiel lo esperó noche y día
Mientras el marido aquel su dignidad ofendía
Como un cuadro a la intemperie sus alas decoloradas
Fueron perdiendo el color en muchas noches frustradas
Abre tus alas doradas mariposa de la vida
Que la fé no está perdida vuelve a ser mujer con alas
Track Name: Orire
Tradicional Yoruba

Orire ni ti agbado
Orire ni ti agbado
Agbado ori xoxo di oko
O mu asho tuntun bo wa ile
Orire ni ti agbado
Track Name: Merry Woman
Merry Woman
Manuel Monestel

Yemayá, Yemayá

Sad man sit down by the port to watch the sea
Sad man weep bit nobody can see
Merry woman is dancing alone in the street
She heart so happy cause she finally so free

Sad Man one day marry merry woman
They live together for a long long time
Merry woman always happy and smile
Sad man with a frown all the time

Merry woman try to make ends meet
Because Sad Man spends all the money
Im take the pay and spend it all in drinks
Merry woman try to make ends meet

Sad man beat the woman like a champion in the ring
Merry woman try to protect the child
Sad man announcing him kill them too
Merry woman shouting like a jaguar in the wild

Merry woman leave the house and all the things
Take the child to go live in the street
Neighbor help Merry Woman organize she life
Now she lives happy she and she child
Track Name: No tie no donkey
No tie no donkey
Walter Ferguson

Hear what the old man say “breda you no tie no donkey down there”
If you hear them balling say no tie no donkey down there

Tell you in a positive way “breda you no tie no donkey down there”
If you hear them balling say no tie no donkey down there
Track Name: Miedo
Manuel Monestel

Miedo a la sonrisa del amor
Miedo a lo nunca antes se vivió
Miedo a la sonrisa del amor
Miedo a lo nunca antes se vivió

Miedo a las diferencias
Miedo a las consecuencias
Miedo al destino
Miedo a lo terrenal
Miedo a lo divino

Miedo a la sonrisa del amor…

Cuando se tiran los dados
Se toma la decisión
Vives la vida y sus consecuencias
O te quedas a esperar en el sillón
Track Name: Still Turning Around
Still Turning Around
Manuel Monestel

Bin bon bin down low
The world still turning around
Let us do something soon
So life will not go down and down

Let me declare what I have to say
To whoever wants to attend?
Here I have strong feelings
That burn me soul and me sense

When I see human killing human
By killing nature just fi money
My eyes wide open
Me heart all broken´
To see what I see
My eyes wide open
Me heart all broken´
To see what I see

Kill is the word that rule this world
Power the reason, money the mean
Brotherhood is a forgotten concept
That disappears from dictionary
The whirling planet will stop one day
And human power will pass away
And all that human built in this life
Will disappear in the end
Track Name: Afro Limón
Afro Limón
Manuel Monestel

Cahuitambó, Cahuitambó, Cahuitambó
Ackee palalé, jam, cocoa
Coconó fi ma belly
Retumba la tumba que tumba caramba
Quijongo del Congo que baila en mi hombro
Track Name: Mama come and take me home
Mama come and take me home
Herberth Glinton “Lenky”

I was walking down the street
I saw a friend he calling me
I was walking down the street
I saw a friend he calling me
When I ask him what he need
said come and let me take a smoke
as I got it to smoke
I feel me head starting to swell.
And I bal it

Mama, Lord, come and take me home
Mama, Lord, come and take me home

As I start to walk
I feel me head trembling
When I look up in the sky
I saw like the world was coming down
Well I don´t know where to go
I start to swirl and jump like a mad
And you hear me


If I had listen what mama said
I would not keep bad company
for when you keep bad company
It lead you straight down into hell
and when you reach down into hell
you start to bal and shout like you mad.
and you hear me
Track Name: La Madrugada
La madrugada
Manuel Monestel

Un día se fue y no volvió nunca jamás la madrugada
Entre la sombras descubrió su nueva ruta y se marchó por la calzada
El sol no supo ya que hacer pues no hubo más amanecer
El mundo ya no era igual , no había mañana

Entre tinieblas desperté para encontrar que ya no estabás
La noche inmenso manto azul cubrió mis lágrimas plateadas
Entonces enseguida comprendí que el sol no volvería a salir
Y tristemente vi partir la madrugada, la madrugada…
Track Name: Bumbata